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The official archive of Minoa and Charlotte Ryberg beyond Jennifer Government: NationStates.

Whatever happened to...

NationStates is still going strong a year after switching over to amaroussi.com. However, I've dusted off this website because not only Antjepolis.com is with a new domain name host for ethical reasons, but I've also dusted an old laptop profile that I last used in October 2011.

Basically, I accidentally sat on the screen and cracked it. I fished out the hard drive and converted it into a VMware image and then after a few post-conversion fixes I forgot about it for two years. I planned to replace the screen, but I got a MacBook Pro instead, making the repair unnecessary.

Two years on, I updated Firefox from version 12 to version 24 and looking at the sites I visited I noticed a few notable entries other than the popular ones like Google and Twitter. here's what happened to them:
  1. Absolution's NS tracker: For this post, my attempt to awaken tracker.conquestofabsolution.com was not successful, returning a "SQL server is down" message. This was one of the many NS trackers where users registered to track their nation's statistics over time.
  2. Antjepolis.com forums: My old forum never became active, because the (then) new NationStates forums of 2009 worked better for everyone. Also, Zetaboards was for small forums and if I were to make it popular I would have to resort to self-hosted forum software: I didn't have the funds to set up one back then. I manually deleted the forum.
  3. Helloaga.in: I can deduce from this forum post that this was Glen-Rhodes' old website that mainly allowed users to track their WA votes. It doesn't exist any more.
  4. International Criminal Court: This RP organisation wound down due to inactivity, and its forum is archived.
  5. NSwiki: My new website at amaroussi.com has its own NationStates wiki and it's not because of bias, but because NSwiki is totally spammed. A lot of spam-fighters have given up and moved elsewhere, Swilatia has moved out, and I'm next... eventually. Some search engines are now penalising NSwiki for the out-of-control spam (example): what a sad state for the first ever NationStates wiki.
  6. The Pirate Bay: It's still around, but they have come under pressure by copyright holders, resulting in a cat and mouse scenario. There are many proxies for them even though the original domains are blocked by major ISPs in the UK.
  7. trsberlin.de: The Berliner Trainz site is now the Trainz Multiplayer site from the same web-master, Stepke: it's doing well.
  8. Whozzle.com: That used to be a website that had every full name in the world (as my memory recalls) but according to one of their Twitter posts, they were battered by German privacy complaints: today, it doesn't exist any more. Our tip: don't create a website that lists or collect data about every name in the world. As far as I know almost every one of them have bad Web of Trust rankings.
So there you go: not everything on the internet will be there forever, depending on context. There used to be a social network site called Friendster and, in its original form, it's gone now.

Smile, you're on alien camera!

This is a very old CCTV machine, in the days before they only had one lens. They used to call it a “Photo-Scan TV for Security”. It looks like a hybrid between a hot cross bun and an alien.

And no, Britain is not a police state, just a very paranoid society that needs reassuring.

Canonbury Station

Canonbury Station, originally uploaded by Trowbridge Estate.

An end of an era...

A60 Stock 5034 at Chorleywood A60 Stock 5063 at Farringdon A60 Stock 5063 and S8 Stock 21085 at Farringdon Headboard on A60 Stock 5034 Tits on the Tube, again! Antjepolis.com is also reaching an end of an era soon. Due to the GoDaddy.com controversy we will be shifting domains elsewhere soon.

Goodbye to the A' Stock

Blue Tit Bird on A60 Stock 5000 The last day of A' Stock in regular passenger service will be on Wednesday 26th September 2012, with a farewell tour on Saturday 29th September 2012. Tickets for the farewell tour have sold out, but full details on how to view and ride the train follows after the jump.