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Greece proposes radical Anti-piracy legislation

In Greece, the Vouli is proposing radical new anti-piracy legislation in the attempt to fight piracy.

The proposed law will make it easier for copyright holders to sue downloaders suspected of piracy, and win at the same time. Measures include wavering the defendant's right to defence and super-injunctions to prevent defendants, or their families from speaking out the truth, because the copyright holders will always be right under new legislation.

Other measures being proposed include: website blocking, DMCA-style takedown notices without the right to counter-notification; cutting off internet access of suspected pirates for life; mandatory ISP-level deep packet scanning and IP address monitoring. Copyright holders will no longer have to seek a court order to obtain ISP logs.

Another measure includes allowing ISPs to throttle or block content at will in order to improve their services.

The Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Tourism is also drawing up guidelines proposing that video game distributors to implement Digital Rights Management. The guidelines state that the DRM should be Sony DADC SecuROM, with serial numbers, install limits, disc check, and mandatory internet activation every ten days.

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